Instructor Biography

Kimberly Thomas is a biracial interdisciplinary sculptor and flameworker residing in Detroit, Michigan. She is known for her work’s intentionally flawed and unusual motifs as well as her intricate sculptural inventions. A self-taught glass artist, Thomas earned a BFA in Ceramics from the Rhode Island School of Design and spent six years as a special effects make-up artist before she began flameworking in 2009.









The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction with Kimberly Thomas
When: , Jul 25 - Jul 29
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuition $900.00
Instructor: Kimberly Thomas

In the flame shop, combine the worlds of fact and fiction, by creating realistic works entwined with invented motifs. You will develop confidence as a sculptor while producing your own unique narrative by sculpting and assembling Borosilicate glass components and creating a short story with your sculptural dialect.

The class will focus on storytelling, assembly, articulation techniques, finesse, and detail. Group and individual demonstrations will be given. Using intuition, experimentation, and mixed media are welcome and encouraged.

Some specific points we’ll cover in class include:

Creating a Narrative

Storytelling- What story do you want to tell? Fact, fiction, experience, perception, imaginary vs. reality, past, present, future.   


Time - Past, present, future.   


Other topics such as sketching, writing, and ideas. 


Ho do you create a visual/sculptural dialect? What imagery will you use to create your narrative? How will you tell your story?

Technical Skill Building

Learn to make components for the narrative

Learn the process and order of operations in sculpting, heating the piece, making marks, and shaping, connections, and problem solving, including detail and finesse.

Learn how to assemble components including hot and cold assembly techniques using glass and mixed media.

Explore kinetic/articulated components and movement

5 of 10 seats available.