Instructor Biography

Austin Norvell is a studio artist whose focus is glass casting using traditional and experimental techniques. He divides his time between his studio in Charleston, South Carolina, and Berengo Studio 1989 in Murano, Italy. In Charleston, Norvell is developing several series of glass sculptures that speak to nostalgia in objects and collecting. In Murano, his work at Berengo helps introduce the cast glass process to internationally renowned contemporary artists. 


Instagram: @austinnorvell

Let's See How Complicated We Can Make This! with Austin Norvell
When: , Aug 1 - Aug 5
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuition $900.00
Instructor: Austin Norvell

Discover unnecessarily complicated mold making techniques for glass casting on a small scale. From silicone mold variants to wax working and refractory molds, we'll explore multiple ways to cast almost any form. Processes learned will translate to work with larger objects. You will be asked to bring several small objects to assist in learning the glass casting process.

The class will begin with a discussion of silicone mold and mother mold applications. Silicone molds will be designed for each of the objects you bring. Once the molds are complete, we will move on to wax working tips and techniques. Several different refractory mixes and their applications will be explored for each wax positive. Refractory molds will be steamed and loaded into kilns. We will touch on kiln schedules, kiln setup, and glass selection. Finally we will briefly go over coldworking techniques for the finished glass projects. 

Along the way, we will discuss variations on techniques and materials to accommodate desired final glass objects, budgets, and production time frames. 

You will hopefully come away with a broad knowledge of problem solving skills for glass casting. You will leave with your own silicone molds and, time permitting, a completed glass object. 

2 of 8 seats available.