Instructor Biography

Ryan Thompson began working with glass at Bowling Green State University (OH) in 2010. After receiving his BFA in Glass Making, Ryan worked as a production glass blower and studio technician for the Toledo Museum of Art before eventually moving to Detroit. Ryan is now supervising the production glass shop at Greenfield Village, where Ryan and the rest of the team produce historical recreations of early American glass.

Instagram: @RyanThompsonGlass

Embracing Failure: Intro to Goblet Making with Ryan Thompson
When: , Jun 27 - Jul 1
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Tuition $900.00
Instructor: Ryan Thompson

This class is intended for intermediate to advanced glassmakers, who are eager to dive into the skills and techniques associated with Venetian style goblets. You will focus not only on the how and why of each part of the goblet-making process but also on the issues, hang-ups, and critical errors that everyone encounters on the road to finely crafted stemware. 

Each day will begin with a combination of discussions, illustrations, and hot shop demonstrations to serve as inspiration for your endeavors during your bench time. Starting with basic cup forms, demonstrations will gradually increase in complexity with the addition of avolios, blown feet, stems, and eventually some basic ornamentation. Special attention will be given to each individual element as they are added to build a more complete visual and technical understanding of the process.

You will spend afternoons and evenings working together on the techniques of your choosing and be expected to communicate what difficulties you encountered. These open discussions will allow demonstrations to evolve and become more tailored to the specific challenges the class is encountering. When this class is complete you will not only have a better understanding of the basic aspects of goblet-making, but also the problem solving skills necessary to continue to grow and progress long after the class has ended.



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