Hot Glass 1
When: , Jan 21 - Mar 18
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Tuition $600.00

Learn to blow glass now. In this introductory class, learn to gather clear molten glass from the furnace and shape it into various forms, from paperweights to simple blown shapes, such as cups and bowls. Instruction focuses on a team approach to glassblowing, with an emphasis on safety, proper tool use, basic techniques, and materials. You’ll never drink from a glass again without appreciating the energy and detail that went into making it! No experience is required. You may also wish to take this class a second time in order to continue to develop and refine basic skills before moving on to Hot Glass 2. Each time you take it, your skill level, confidence, and passion for glass will grow. Class tuition includes 1 hour of open-studio time to be used during the 8-week course period. This will help you become familiar with the studio and learn the process of studio rental beyond class hours.ed.

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