Casting Open Projects
When: Thursdays, Jan 27 - Feb 17
Time: 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
Dates: Jan 27; Feb 3, 10, 17
Tuition $235.00

Learn new skills and build upon existing mold-making techniques to create glass sculptures. Explore more advanced mold-making processes like honeycomb molds, press molds, hollow core molds, or multi-part molds to cast flat, thin, or hollow objects.

Utilize the freedom of the lost wax casting method to encapsulate and create your own ideas in glass with intricate details, a variety of textures, and interesting forms.

Come to class with a project or object in mind and work with your instructor to determine how to go about casting in glass.

Intro to Casting or 24 hours of moldmaking experience with instructor permission required.

8 of 8 seats available.