How to Design Stained Glass
When: Sundays, Feb 27 - Mar 27
Time: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Dates: Feb 27; Mar 6, 20, 27
Tuition $235.00

Move from photo to pattern using a light table or computer program (Photoshop or Procreate) to create your own custom stained glass pattern.

Bring at least five of your own photos, hand-drawn images, or ideas to class and work with instructors to translate one of those ideas into a functional pattern. Topics covered will include structural integrity, designing to a specific dimnension, how to print an enlarged pattern and general design theory. 

The focus of this class is solely pattern design. Students will not be working with glass during this course. Students will have the oportunity to rent the studio or register for the 8-week Stained Glass Open Projects in the spring to construct their custom design with the guidance of an instructor.

Introduction to Stained Glass 8 week class or permission from instructor is required. 

8 of 8 seats available.