Kiln 1: Fusing and Casting
When: Wednesdays, Feb 7 - Apr 3
Time: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Dates: Mar 13, 20, 27; Apr 3
Tuition $475.00
Instructor: Drew Kail

Are you curious about the Kiln Shop? In Kiln 1, you will gain a broad understanding of the vast possibilities of kilnformed glass exploring both fusing and casting techniques. You will learn how to cut sheet glass and work with a variety of other materials to melt and shape your designs creating an array of functional and decorative pieces. Then get a bit more dimensional with an introduction to cast glass. Using a found object, you will learn how to reproduce the object in glass. You will also gain an understanding of kiln programming and the properties of glass. No experience necessary.


Class does not meet on 3/6/2024.

1 of 8 seats available.