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Jonathan Capps received a BA from Centre College in 2005 and a graduate fellowship in 2006. He then moved to Pittsburgh to work at PGC as an intern and stayed for several years to work in glass. In 2009, Capps was selected for an international residency in Nuutajärvi, Finland, and in 2010, co-taught at the local glass school. In 2016, he earned his MFA from The Ohio State University (OSU). In 2017, Capps continued to produce his glass art professionally in Ohio while teaching at the Cleveland Institute of Art and The Ohio State University. In the spring of 2018, he was awarded a Fulbright Arts Grant to Finland. His Fulbright research explored Finnish glass art and design and historically traditional techniques. Upon completing his Fulbright, Capps returned to Columbus with his family. Today, he continues working at OSU as a faculty lecturer and pursuing his glass artist career. 


Instagram:  @jonnycappucino 

Lifting the Veil
When: Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays, Jun 10 - Jun 14
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Dates: Jun 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
Tuition $900.00
Instructor: Jonathan Capps

Veil (v.) To envelop, surround, swathe, or conceal.

Lifting the Veil signifies uncovering an illusion or obscurity, contributing to a better understanding, and providing clarity, realization, and potentiality in practice. Through demonstration, collaboration, and open dialogue, this class gives dynamic instruction about producing and advancing "veiled" cane use by emphasizing traditionally inspired techniques, including stuff cups, horizontal and vertical cane pulls, and various means of fusing and utilizing patterns in the Hot Shop. You will be encouraged to think differently about working with glass cane, pushing yourself into unfamiliar modes of making. This will create a springboard to discuss decorative design elements such as layering colors, mark-making, and repetition.

You will then marry your ideas to shape and form in the Hot Shop to achieve greater visual depth and perhaps meaning in the work. In addition, we will explore alternative non-traditional modes of working with the cane we make, allowing us to consider it as a sculptural material. During the week, you will have access to the Cold Shop to investigate reductive patternmaking on the cane you create and then use the altered cane in your blow slots.

t is recommended that you have some previous experience pulling cane and using pastorale forks, plates, and kiln shelves to fuse patterns in the Hot Shop.

Finally, students are expected to arrive with open minds and a willingness to risk Lifting the Veil to learn and grow in their practice.

11 of 12 seats available.