Mini Teen Summer Camp: Glassblowing + Embossing
Various Times Between Jun 27 and Jul 29
Tuition $100.00

Learn how to blow and emboss glass in this combo class for teens.

Learn to blow glass at the 2,000-degree furnace. Experiment with molten glass, work with glass color and compressed air to inflate glass into different shapes and patterns.

In the cold shop, learn to use the state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to emboss glass in its solid state. Personalize your provided glasses using sandblasting, glass carving, etching, polishing, and dremeling techniques.

Mix and match this 1-day class with any of the other three options in this Mini Teen Summer Camp series.

Eventhough classes are full, scholarships are still available for sessions 2 & 3. The deadline to apply is July 5. GET DETAILS

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