Mini Teen Summer Camp: Pendant Design + Stained Glass
Various Times Between Jun 19 and Jul 26
Tuition $100.00

Learn to make glass pendants with a torch and stained glass techniques in this combo class for teens.

Using an oxygen/propane torch in the flame shop, learn to melt a solid rod of glass using gravity, tools and a steady hand to manipulate the molten glass into personalized glass pendants. Use a variety of colored frit (tiny bits of glass color) to create swirls, dots and explosions of color! Glass loops will be added to finish off your new pendant.

In the kiln studio, learn the basics of stained glass from pattern to finished project. Learn how to use cutting tools and grinders to shape sheet glass, how to solder glass creations together to make an assortment of winged creatures, crawly insects and floral garden stakes.

Mix and match this 1-day class with any of the other three options in this Mini Teen Summer Camp series.

Eventhough classes are full, scholarships are still available for sessions 2 & 3. The deadline to apply is July 5. GET DETAILS

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