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My name is Nikolai aka Taffy. I've been working in the hot shop since 2005, attending Fresno State then CSU Fullerton for their graduate program in glass. I then found Borosilicate and started pulling Boro furnace tubing under Taffy Tubes. The relentless nature of pulling tubing encouraged me to utilize more hot shop techniques via a "dual yoke" roller, which is effectively like turning on a hot shop bench. Now my focus is on making rollers, finding ways to improve them, and teaching my hot shop approach to flameworking Borosilicate glass. 


Instagram: @taffythegrey 


Roller Shaping 101
When: Mondays and Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Thursdays and Fridays, Jul 29 - Aug 2
Time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Dates: Jul 29, 30, 31; Aug 1, 2
Tuition $900.00
Instructor: Nikolai Morse

The most important function of a good roller is to center objects, but what else can they do? This approach to hollow shaping boro is an amalgamation of Hot Shop and flameworking techniques. As such, soft glass artists who are transitioning to the torch are also encouraged to enroll.

Cups, goblets, flared feet, beakers, hot-popping, double-walled vessels, bridging, function building, and encapsulation of sculptures will be covered along with whatever else we have time for. Advanced turning styles like the crawl and the walk back will be covered in depth.

Rollers will be provided for the duration of the class and will be available for purchase afterward. But if you have a roller you like, please bring it. There will be open studio time between demos Monday-Thursday and demos all Friday morning before clean up. Torches are available for students but I encourage you to bring your own if you are able. Blow hoses are also encouraged and we will discuss ways to make them less cumbersome. Bring your sketchbooks!

By heating, blowing, and shaping mostly on the roller, we can maintain better posture with less fatigue. I believe this approach can help us work larger without injury and longer into our lifetime.

8 of 10 seats available.